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Amazon Alexa, Amazon's virtual assistant, will make your life easier when it comes to performing any task with your Android smartphone. If you want a little bit of help performing your daily chores, then this app can help you save loads of time.

This assistant can help you solve any question you might have, it'll read your messages, send your e-mails, shut down processes and basically, perform any task you need during your day-to-day. If you want to listen to music without having to manually search for it, or you want it to read you that book you're dying to finish or answer to a message while you're driving or call someone with the hands-free kit...Basically, Amazon Alexa helps you with anything you can possibly imagine with the use of a simple voice command. In that sense, this assistant learns from you as you use it, allowing it to improve and help you even more with your suggestions and problems with your smartphone.

One of the main advantages of Amazon Alexa is that it also lets you connect devices in order to control them directly, allowing you to add, among others, smart light bulbs or optimize any smart element in your house.
Here are the best virtual assistants available on Android

Virtual assistants are no longer a joke, and are now integrated in our daily lives thanks to an ever improving system of voice recognition and increased integration in external services. Nowadays there are many companies that are trying to get a piece of the pie in this inhospitable sector, which in 2017 established itself as a useful function for users of all levels. Android is one of the most influential platforms for these services, so we are going to run down some of the most popular virtual assistants and comment on their most interesting aspects.
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